BodyBoss 2.0: Portable Home Gym
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BodyBoss 2.0: Portable Home Gym

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BodyBoss System Portable Total Body Home Gym

  • 30 Day Money Back Garuntee!
  • Revolutionary Anchor Point Total Body Resistance Training System
  • Total Body Workout You Can Slip Under a Bed or Behind A Couch
  • Designed for any level of experience and perfect for personal trainers

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Product Description

Home Gym Revolution! Get the BodyBoss Total Body Workout System Today!  Once you place your order for the BodyBoss home gym you will receive the shipping information needed via email. Your new BodyBoss System features our patented anchor point base, 2 sets of elastic resistance bands, a pair of workout handles, two padded wrist/ankle straps, a door anchor & a collapsible workout bar that that unscrews to half the size.

Follow free tutorials, workout videos, and an exercise library of 100’s of movements.  Click here for BodyBoss Portable Home Gym videos.  All your accessories come in a customized carrying bag.  Light-weight, convenient, and most important—fun!  Don’t waste your time spending $500 on a set of dumbbells, $100’s on a cardio machine, or $1,000s on a squat rack, get a complete home gym for the fraction of the cost.  ***PLEASE NOTE: this unit will take 2-3 weeks for domestic orders to ship. ***

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 20 x .05 in
A Portable Gym

We know the gym yields results. With just 15 pounds of equipment (including all the accessories) you will be able to get all your gym exercises in at home, outside or wherever you want.


Although, our current 350 customers are loving their system, if anything happens within the first 60 days to your base we will send you a brand new one. Just send us a picture. Your bands + accessories also have a 60 day warranty on them. More info is in the box when you receive your product.

Package Includes

– 1 Patented easy transitioning base system with logo – 1 customized collapsible workout bar – 6 total customized resistance bands (30 inches) – 2 color coordinating handles – 2 padded wrist/ankle straps – 1 BodyBoss accessory bag to put all your accessories in – owners manual


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    It works quickly!
    The BodyBoss system has truly changed my life. I bought my system about a month ago and I am already down over 15 pounds. I started working out on it at home 2-3 times a week for about 10-15 minutes.

    After about 5 minutes my heart rate is up and I begin dripping in sweat. I still go to the gym about once a week but every time I do, I think to myself how it’s so much more convenient and effective working out with Total Body Resistance at home.

    My favorite workouts include the lower body workouts (squats, pop squat & press, goodmornings) and also I love the resistance boxing. It literally brings your gym to your home and brings a better version of title boxing to your home!

    O yeah, for this price, I can save time, gas money and not have to spend a ton of money on dumbbells/rack that take up a ton of space that make my body hurt more! I highly recommend this health machine to anyone and everyone! Give it a shot, your life will be changed.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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    Very Versatile
    I try to get to the gym on a regular basis yet since I am a nurse I work an irregular schedule and have weird hours. The gym I go to is not open 24/7 and sometimes I feel it holds me back because I am not able to get to the gym every day when I’m motivated to go. When I first found out about BodyBoss, I was so excited because there are endless exercises that you can do on the device (its like a gym in itself thats affordable). I also am able to workout in the convenience of my own home before or after gym hours (which has really helped me achieve my fitness goals). I highly recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t have the 9am-5pm schedules and wants to get into shape.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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    It's awesome!
    I’ve been using the system since it’s conception and it’s helped me lose close to 30 lbs and keep it off. I workout with weights and utilize the bands to get an exceptional blood flow burnout at the end. Its great for mixing things up and avoiding muscle memory syndrome. I take the travel bag to the gym and even on vacation. If there’s a day I work late and the gym is closed I get a full workout in at home. You can’t beat the versatility it provides. I’m 55 years old and its also great for keeping my joints and tendons healthy and flexible. I definitely recommend you give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

    Rating: 5 / 5

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