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With this exercise you want to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. You are going to clip your band into the front of the base into goalpost 1.

You are going to want to punch straight up and keep your core squeezed towards your back. Focus on punching straight up towards the ceiling.

With this exercise it is best to work off of a timer and focus on keeping a great pace. Make yourself sweat!

Alternative Exercises For Punch Rope Climbs

Band Alignment

Starting Angle: post 1

Beginner: Setting 1 (Clip and go into 1)

Intermediate: Setting 12 (put through 1 and shorten to 2)

Advanced: Setting 13 (put through 1 and shorten to 3)

Hulk: 2 bands setting 13 (put both bands through 1 and shorten both to 3)


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