Why BodyBoss Portable Home Gym?

  • Zero Risk: If you aren’t satisfied with you new BodyBoss, we will refund your money 100%
  • Step-by-step Instructions: We are fully invested in your success.  BodyBoss changes one life at a time by providing step-by-step instructions on living a more fit life.
  • Bring the gym to you: Simulate 1,000s of exercises with one light-weight device
  • Simplicity: Click-n-go. Our workouts are simple, click the bands into place follow a video workout, and start seeing results.
  • Zero Excuses: With the BodyBoss portable home gym, say goodbye to the excuses that have prevented you from getting the results you desire and deserve!




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Money-Back Guarantee

BodyBoss portable home gym is a total body workout system based on anchor point training with elastic resistance bands designed to provide you with maximum results!

BodyBoss home gym was developed out of shear necessity. We knew that there had to be a better alternative to spending thousands of dollars on a treadmill, buying a bulky and heavy home gym, or calling that 800 number on late night tv infomercials touting the latest revolution in fitness products. The result has turned into what we now refer to as the BodyBoss Workout System! Our focus is on quality and effectiveness, and we have worked with our engineers through many iterations to produce our current product. Our product was not only durable and effective, but it attracted many renowned exercise physiologist and fitness professionals, one of which decided to join our team because he believed in the product and our mission. We are so confident in this products’ ability to transform your life, that we’ll offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

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